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Major Industries

Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution in Gujarat dates back to Harappan Civilization. As Gujarat has been writing and re-writing History, the early nineteenth Century represented a significant watershed in Industrial Development. Being a land of enormous diversity and cross cultural influences, Gujarat started Trade way back while Kutchhi Businessmen settled in Oman and the Greek and Roman art influences of second and third Century reinforced the connect between Gujarat and other countries. Exchange of Goods was a part of Trading as per archeological excavations with foreign exchange material found in Gujarat. In 1572, Akbar reached the coastlines of Gujarat and the Royal family and the court nobles got involved with the trade that took place over the seas. With the Portuguese enclaves around Gujarat Coastlines, Gujarat’s maritime trade prospered during 16th Century. As Gujarat’s westward trade kept growing, it exported spices and goods to ship to Europe and use for bartering. Gujarat shipped Textiles and since 13th Century, had been selling Cotton Textiles to the Middle East and most probably, South-East Asia. Silk Patola, Ikat Fabrics, plainly woven and coarse cotton textiles printed with wooden blocks were exported.
Economic Cycles:
Rolling down the years since ancient trade, the changes were not only Industrial but social and intellectual. 1500-1600s had great Merchant Traders and money lenders who possessed high status in the world of business. By 1700s, Surat flourished and it had pre-eminent position as chief trading center of India.
In present Business scenario, Gujarat is the home for Dynamic Industrialists and Business Entrepreneurs. It is emerging as ‘EVA’ (Economic Value Added) State with sustainable Industrial Growth. The Industrial Policy acts as a catalyst to face the challenges to manage the inevitable volatility of Industrial Cycles. The remarkable resilience of the Economy of Gujarat as the fastest growing state in the country, the fundamentals of its Economy is strong and vibrant. The pro business approach of the Government has felicitated Gujarat’s relentless drive towards Industrialization by making the state an ideal Business and Investor friendly destination, both for domestic and foreign.
Industries in Gujarat
Gujarat’s Industrial Policy 2009 is geared for catalyzing Robust, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth. The only state to emerge as ‘Investor friendly’, Gujarat has achieved the distinction of being the top most industrially developed state in India in respect of investment in industrial sector and second among states in respect of value of production and value addition in industrial sector in India.
Growth in the Industrial sector is as high as 12.5%. Overall, it contributes to 16% of the Industrial production in the country. Gujarat also proves the Investment-worthiness by mobilizing the highest share (22%) of investments in 2007-2008. Gujarat is a contributing State which accounts only for 5% of the country’s population and 6% of its geographical area. By exercising financial discipline and rationalizing the tax structure, Gujarat is a revenue plus state.
Some highlighted fields:
A ‘Petro-capital’ State of India, Gujarat offers 30% of Petrochemicals, 50% Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals business.
Gujarat tops Agri Growth table at 9.6% with Agriculture Infrastructure achieving maximum growth between 200-2008.
Gems and Jewellery Business in Gujarat is the fastest growing sectors in the country. Supported by Policy Initiatives by the Government, in addition to cutting and polishing of Diamonds, processing and jewellery design has also gained prominence.
It is the largest producer (35%) and exporter (60%) of cotton and is the third largest denim producer in the world. It offers India’s 12% textile exports. Known as the ‘Manchester of the East’ and ‘Denim City.’ Gujarat’s six percent of total Industrial Production comes from textile industry.
Large Units
Industrial Units with Investment exceeding over 10 Crores in Plant and Machinery are classified as Large Scale Units. Approved by Government of India, other remaining Industries are required to file under IEM (Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum) – and SEZ (export oriented or setting up a Project) require permission from Development Commissioner, SEZ. Gujarat has major 1200 large scale Industries and growing, thereby witnessing Industrial development since its formation as a State in 1960.
Micro, Small and Medium Scale Units
The micro, Small and Medium Scale Units classify with Investments ranging from various Investments in Plant and Machinery and Equipment. Gujarat witness impressive development in SME sector. In 1961, the State had upto over 2000s of Industrial Units with a sharp rise as years roll down, leading to a whooping 4 Lac SMEs catering to deal business expansions and robust leap towards development. SMEs have the potential to provide support to the larger units, provide employment and provide cost effectiveness. The Industrial Policy provide special thrust on cluster development for SMEs.
G for Growth and G for Gujarat
Golden Gujarat – Dream Gujarat
Strong Fundamentals, right strategy
Policies for present, aiming for future
Globally benchmarked Infrastructure
Immense Potentials – SRs and SIRs
Hi Tech Parks
Investor Friendly Gujarat:
Gratifying Journey with 61% projects implemented with US $ 200 Billion received in previous three summits
Global Investors Summit 2009 : Intentions of Investment expressed worth : Rs. 12 Crores, Total 8,500 MOUs
Generating 25 Lac employments

Some Promotional Schemes for Industries:
Large Industries:
Assistance for Quality Certification
Subsidy scheme for Medium and Large Industries
Environment Protection
Market Promotion and Development Scheme
Kutchh Package
Small and Medium Scale Industries:
Interest subsidy to small and medium Enterprise
Research and Development
Assistance for Technical upgradation
Cluster Development
Environment Protection
Kutchh Package

Other Package :
Common Pollution Control and Disposal
Quality Certification Assistance Scheme
Critical Infrastructure
Industry Park
Training Institutions and trainees for training in apparel production
Welfare activities for Salt workers
Other Package :

Assistance to States for Developing Export Infrastructure and other Allied Activities (ASIDE)

Recommendation of Land required for Industrial purpose
Procedure for Approval of Alcohol APP (Annual Production Program)
Molasses APP(Annual Production Program)
Industrial Promotion Development Scheme
Lubricating Oil & Grease Regulation Order - 1987
Empowering Industries through Skilled and Trained Manpower

For Promotional Schemes for Industries Click On www.ic.gujarat.gov.in
Industrial Clusters
Industrial Clusters in Gujarat owe its impressive growing identity with the rise of small and medium enterprises. Over a hundred Industrial Clusters are identified with different types of Industrial activities and are being developed at various locations. Cost competitiveness is enhanced as these Industrial Units are supportive to common facilities, creating brands and developing market centers and entrust skill enhancement.
Exports and Economic Zones
High on Exports with impressive performance, Gujarat’s Export share in India is highest contributing to an average over 14% share in India. Gems and Jewellery deem for a rise to 25% and over. The Government is encouraging SEZ (Special Economic Zones) considered as growth engines that can boost manufacturing, augments exports and generate employment. These include multi product SEZs and sector specific SEZs covering textiles, pharma, engineering, chemicals, ceramics, gems and jewellery and IT/ITES sectors.
Following are some Identified INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS in Gujarat:
Agro Based & Food Processing Industry
Chemical & Petrochemicals
Information Technology
Mineral-Based and Allied Industries
Plastic and Allied Industries
Port-Related Activities & Infrastructure
Textile & Apparels Industry
Gems and Jewellery
Other Sectors

Other Development Projects
Tourism Development Projects
Infrastructure With Focus On Sirs (Special Investment Regions)
Development And Environment
Urban Development
Engineering And Auto
Bio Technology And Pharma
Oil – Gas – Power Sector
Social Infrastructure & Hdi

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